Name: Matthew Gallant

Software developer and system administator for RedRival Free Hosting, RivalPro Professional Hosting and iDotter Domain Services.

RedRival, RivalPro and iDotter are operated by RedRival Internet Services, registered in Ontario, Canada, which officially became Inconceivable Idyllics in 2004.


I am currently enjoying full-time employment in Toronto, Canada.


In January 2014 I started work with Consumer Smart Media doing web and mobile development, and system administration. RoyalDraw.com, a contests and couponing site, is CSM's primary website. We also support the parent company, FOS Decor, in the development of their website and internal systems.

Early 2006 sees me with Casale Media in Toronto, Canada, in the online advertising market. I am engaged in a team oriented, highly structured development process producing the internal and external facing systems to support the company's advertising delivery.

From 2005 until 2006, I was employed full-time by Commercial Design & Multimedia as an ecommerce software developer. Primary responsibilities included authority for a number of clients and their internet properties. I acted as primary contact for requests from these clients.

From 1998 to 2010, I had been actively developing, maintaining and enhancing both free and pay hosting services and domain name services for RedRival, RivalPro and iDotter.


RedRival Free Hosting provides free and premium hosting services for over 25,000 members. RedRival is a market leader in mass, free hosting offering PHP scripting, FTP access and unparallelled hosting uptime.

RedRival ceased operation in September 2009.


RivalPro Professional Hosting provides professional, paid hosting services to individuals and businesses requiring professional level features, reliability and support. RivalPro currently hosts more than 70 clients and is positioned as the upgrade path for users of RedRival Free Hosting.

RivalPro ceased operation in October 2009.


iDotter Domain Services is a Top Level Domain (TLD) registration service and an ICANN certified registrar. iDotter povides lookup, registration and management services for a growing number of domain names such as dot-COM, dot-NET, dot-ORG, and a growing number of Country Code TLDs.

iDotter ceased operation in October 2009.


NewsX is a service offering news headlines from around the world updated every 15 minutes. NewsX serves up more than 300 categories of news, including top stories, regional news, sports, science and many other culture and society topics.

NewsX ceased operation in March 2012.